Sunday, July 20, 2014

[hep-ex/th][nucl-ex/th] Motivations behind today's accelerator experiments Part I (General overview)


     This 219 page proposal outlines some of the biggest problems in particle/nuclear physics. It is very straight forward (probably because it is meant for a non-scientific audience) description on why we physicist need so much funding to build giant toys...I mean accelerators. I'm going to break this paper up into 4-6 post but I will only discuss the sections which I find are the most important ( you are free to read others that you may be interested in). Everything in this paper is Beyond-Standard Model physics that is on the very edge of our understanding of the universe. It does a very good job of describing why we are interested in each topic and how we are going about answering these questions using the minimal amount of math to explain each case. An important point I would like to make about this paper is the ability to describe complex physical theories to someone not well versed in science. Whenever scientist expand our knowledge in some area (physics,chemistry,etc.) there should be some form of explanation in the format of this paper so that those who are not well acquainted with that particular field have a correct basic understanding of that new idea (instead of the media trying to make headlines by giving out false information).

     Some of the key area's of research in this paper include:
     -Neutrino oscillations
     -The sterile neutrino
     -CP violation
     -The mass hierarchy of neutrinos
     -quark number conservation
     -Hadron structure
     -Measurement of different EDM's (Electric Dipole Moments)
My next post is gonna be about how/why we are going about touching neutrinos so hard. I will also try to find links to papers for each of the individual topics I talk about.


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