Hello lovers of science!
I have many cool things in store for those who enjoy learning about some of the strangest phenomena in physics. I hope you all enjoy this blog!

About Me

My name is Lorena and am about to start my fourth year at Georgia Tech. I am a Physics major with a concentration is Astrophysics. My research focuses on gravitational waves from binary black hole systems. I plan to acquire my doctorate in theoretical physics and stay in academia. When I am not studying or doing research, you can find me practicing yoga, running, listening to music, and learning  a new language.

About My Posts

This blog will focus on the topics of general relativity, numerical relativity, and gravitational waves. In addition to short posts on the topics above, I would like this blog to provide an easy-to-read and educational analysis of gr-qc papers that are available at arxiv.org. I hope this blog is a useful resource to those who would like to go into these fields of study, as well as those who are simply interested in exploring the topics and becoming acquainted with the jargon.

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