Hi I like boldface type... but regular is okay, too. I also like, broken hyperlinks. Italics are sexy Except when they're used without a purpose.
I like really small stuff, like strings and loops and particles, realllllly big stuff, like galaxy clusters and cosmologies. Though I definitely enjoy lots of the physics in between, like soft matter and supernovae.

My goal for this blog is to track some admixture of hep-th and hep-ph, but I reserve the right to bleed into gr-qc and other fun things.

If I were a Springer-Verlag Graduate Text in Mathematics, I would be William Fulton and Joe Harris's Representation Theory: A First Course.

My primary goal is to introduce the beginner to the finite-dimensional representations of Lie groups and Lie algebras. Intended to serve non-specialists, my concentration is on examples. The general theory is developed sparingly, and then mainly as a useful and unifying language to describe phenomena already encountered in concrete cases. I begin with a brief tour through representation theory of finite groups, with emphasis determined by what is useful for Lie groups; in particular, the symmetric groups are treated in some detail. My focus then turns to Lie groups and Lie algebras and finally to my heart: working out the finite dimensional representations of the classical groups and exploring the related geometry. The goal of my last portion is to make a bridge between the example-oriented approach of the earlier parts and the general theory.

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